Lakanpo Estate, Ekerin,

Ologuneru, Ibadan, Nigeria.

07:30am - 4:30pm

Monday to Friday

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Lakanpo Estate, Ekerin

Ologuneru Area, Eleyele, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

07:30 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

About Lariken

About Us

Lariken Nursery and Primary School is a citadel for quality and high learning. The school is the best among the rest. A Cambridge certified school. Our curriculum cuts across the Nigerian, British and American standard, and that’s the reason Lariken is the best place for your child or ward to be.

Our Philosophy

At Lariken School, we believe that our primary function is to help each child develop a positive self-image. To further this goal, we build on the strengths of each child to help him/her feel good about him or herself.

We encourage children to understand that each pupil is unique and yet all share certain feelings that need to be respected. We treat each child with respect and dignity so that the child feels accepted and comfortable. We believe that children naturally are curious and eager to learn. We provide numerous opportunities for children to explore by proving experience in and out of school. Field trips and visits expand the children’s experiences on which they can build.

We believe in helping each child become what he or she aspires to be:
Academically, through group and individual experiences in language, art, mathematics, and social studies.

Physically, through the development of large and small muscles.

Emotionally, through the expression and validation of feelings.

Socially, through playing and learning together.

We believe that all children are special. It is our goal to nurture that uniqueness and creativity while preparing them for their future.

Our Vision

That all efforts being put together will create a great nation where the display of total fairness and truth will be revered. To take the pupils to their desired future, and help them fulfill their dreams. To make sure that the pupils are looking forward and not backward, that they are moving upward and not downwards until they attain their heights.

Our Mission

The set aim of the school is to create a great nation and display the utmost fairness and integrity in our future leaders. To create a nation filled with hardworking, God-fearing, sincere, and accountable leaders. To strive with our utmost commitment to bring the best out of the pupils.

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